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We aim to develop a set of investment products with risk, return and liquidity profiles that may be particularly suitable for family offices and long-term investors. We focus mainly on equity investments, as this our domain of expertise. We are careful, value-oriented investors and use systematic diversification and advanced portfolio-management techniques to control risk and manage liquidity.  We follow proprietary models for equity valuation as well as portfolio construction and risk monitor.


Our investment universe is global and ranges from seed capital for high-tech startups to listed blue chips, from passive Exchange Traded Funds to actively managed hedge funds. While pure equity instruments provide return, we use derivative-based hedge funds and more sophisticated vehicles to obtain diversification, implement hedging and reduce volatility.


We invest via mutual funds, to avoid conflicts of interest and to keep fund administration independent from management. Our funds may be opened to external investors at our discretion. In such case alignment with co-investors is guaranteed by having the family office as lead investor in each fund.


Registered office: PREON SA SICAV-RAIF, 28-32 place de la Gare, L-1616 Luxembourg
Management Company: Abalone Asset Management Limited, Skyway Block C office 1, 179 Marina Street, Pieta` PTA 9042, Malta
Depositary: Société Générale Bank & Trust, 11 Avenue Emile Reuter, L-2420 Luxembourg
Administrator: Société Générale Bank & Trust, 11 Avenue Emile Reuter, L-2420 Luxembourg
Auditor: PwC, Société Coopérative, 2 Rue Gerhard Mercator, L- 2182 Luxembourg


Our family office is a well known provider of seed and early-stage venture capital in technology. Equity investments may be done directly by the beneficiary owner in any technology field or via Truffle Pig Ventures, a Luxembourg-based EuVeca fund focusing mainly on the online-entertainment industry. Our main criteria in selecting VC investments are degree of innovation, scalability and future profitability.


Aleis is our vehicle for listed equity investments. It may invest in individual stocks, Exchange Traded Funds or external equity funds. The fund has no specific industrial or geographic scope. Its main features are: low volatility, low beta, daily liquidity.


Agilis is a multi-strategy hedge fund that focuses on volatility arbitrage. The fund invests in futures and options on equity and volatility indexes with the objective of maximizing total return. Agilis utilizes multiple volatility arbitrage strategies, each seeking to exploit different inefficiencies observed in the equity volatility space. Its main features are: relatively high volatility, low beta, weekly liquidity.


Alteris is a fund of funds that invests in a diversified portfolio of strategies and return streams. The fund invests in Hedge and Mutual Funds as well as Exchange Traded Funds with the aim of minimizing the correlation between the invested strategies and the equity market. Its main features are low volatility, beta ~0 and monthly liquidity.