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With an extensive network within the technology world, we are experts in sourcing, evaluating and assessing groundbreaking investment opportunities in scientific, lifestyle and technology startups. We support wealth managers in their venture capital and private equity investments.

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Preon Capital has a 20+ years experience in seed equity and innovative technology startups aiming to anticipate future trends or disrupt the status quo, with a hands-on approach to better support the founders. Today, the company focuses on leveraging our global networks of both investors and startup businesses to create a community where we offer our expertise and join forces to maximize value creation for both sides.

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Our team’s experience, track record and set of skills is unique. We have a diverse range of competencies across businesses and functions. Our strength is also in our team’s global network of close relationships with financial partners, including family offices and VC investors, industrial partners, and with academic institutions at the cutting edge of science and technology, such as CERN and EPFL.

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